Voices Magazine
Summer 2023

Pacific Oaks College's Voices Magazine Summer 2023 Mockup

Every year, Pacific Oaks College publishes an issue of their alumni magazine, Voices. The Summer 2023 issue was the first issue that I fully designed. While the front and the back of the book are templated, I was given full freedom of the features in the magazine.

Voices Summer 2023 Cover Feature Spread Mockup

The cover feature is Panic: A True American Pastime. This feature covers moral panics, and how this widespread panic is affecting the trans community.

For the design, I really wanted to focus on the feeling of panic that the trans community is currently under. Since this panic tends to be covered in the news, I decided to design this as a newspaper spread. This also adds to the seriousness of the piece. The red is used throughout in the content, as well as in the overlays of the images.

Voices Summer 2023 On the Shoulders of Giants Spread Mockup

The second feature, On The Shoulders of Giants, focuses on two pillars of the Pacific Oaks community.

I wanted the focus to be on these women, so I kept the design modern and clean. Green is used throughout the piece, as all of the images used have touches of green. Green is one of Pacific Oaks's brand colors, so the color connects everyone to the school even further.

Voices Summer 2023 How to Create a Teacher Shortage...and How to Solve One Spread Mockup

The last feature is How to Create a Teacher Shortage...and How to Solve one. This piece focuses on how to retain teachers as schooling has changed.

I thought it would be fun to have this piece look like a graded paper. A lined paper background adds to the paper effect, and I wrote notes and checkmarks throughout. For the sidebar, I added a chalkboard background to bring it further into the classroom.