Voices Magazine
Summer 2021

Pacific Oaks Voices Magazine Summer 2021 Cover

Every year, Pacific Oaks College publishes their alumni magazine, Voices. For the Summer 2021 issue, I was asked to design the cover. The story was "The Next Generation Social Worker", which talked about the issues social workers face in the age of Covid. From working in a digital space to how they can take care of themselves, social workers are the light throughout the pandemic.

For this cover, I wanted to focus on the thought that social workers are the light. I used a sunburst/gradient effect in the background to more obviously show this. I also made the color palette bright, just like these social workers, and added warmth to them through the use of the muted red. I wanted to showcase some of the different work they do for our communities, so I used these illustrations to give a glimpse into all that they do.

Pacific Oaks Voices Magazine Summer 2021 Cover Story First Spread

I wanted to give each social worker in the illustration their own space to show their unique story. This starts in the cover spread, where each worker is doing their specific work that brings the community together. Again, the use of the sunburst/gradient shows the light that they are.

Pacific Oaks Voices Magazine Summer 2021 Cover Story First Spread

For the other two spreads of the story, you get a glimpse into the live of each of the workers. Each illustration breaks out of the edge of the artwork, showing that their work impacts more than just the person they're working with. This also allowed for a 3 column layout that shines light on the written content.