Kansas Health Science Center
Golf Outing

Kansas Health Science Center Golf Outing Invitation Mockup

To celebrate donors and the upcoming Kansas Health Science Center (KHSC) opening, KHSC hosted their Golf Outing event in 2022. As a team, our TCS Marketing team came up with any collateral needed for this exciting event. My role in this project was to create any design collateral for this event.

KHSC Golf Outing Save the Date

The first piece of design collateral needed was a Save the Date. This piece acted as a announcement as well as a reminder that invitations will be coming soon. Because of the amount of content in this piece, we decided to make this a postcard. This piece set the tone for the event, using the KHSC brand to make sure anyone receiving the Save the Date immediately knew this was a KHSC event.

KHSC Golf Outing Invitation

The next piece of collateral for this event was the formal invitation. We wanted to keep the feel of the Save the Date, so the design style was the size, as well as the size of the piece itself. We decided to go with a folded postcard invitation with a wafer seal. This way, it was immediately known that this was the companion piece that was hinted at in the Save the Date.

KHSC Golf Outing Banners

The last piece of collateral needed for this event were banners. Because this event was not hosted at the KHSC building itself, we needed invitees to know that they were in the correct place. We wanted to keep these simple, so we went with a banner with the logo lockup alongside the Golf Outing icon that I created as well as a welcome banner for when the guests walked in.