ethcl Concentrate Packaging

ethcl Concentrate Box Mockup

One of the clients I designed for when I did freelance work for Gold Coast Distributions was ethcl. They needed packaging for their concentrates, and I was happy to bring that to life.

ethcl Ouside Packaging

Their brand was already well established, so I had great branding to work with. They wanted the outside of the box to look like the mockups they had originally designed when they started the company, so I was able to use that as a starting point. The borders, which differentiate what strain is in the box, use their secondary colors. We included a window on the bottom of the box so customers could see the consistency of the product

ethcl Ouside Packaging

For the inside, I used the map of their grow site for the inside of their box. They're extremely proud of their site, so I wanted to pay homage to the work that they've done. I also used a paper texture in the background to match some of the other product mockups they had.