COL College Seal

The Colleges of Law Digital College Seal

Different times throughout the year, each of the affiliates that works with TCS Education System will update their digital display ads. For this round of The Colleges of Law's (COL) DD ads, I was the lead designer.

The Colleges of Law Seal

COL wanted a seal that represented their mission. I wanted to keep a classic seal look by using a semi-realistic graphic of the scales of justice to represent the future lawyers they're helping create. I wanted to keep the rest branded, so by using their brand font (Museo) I created a bold outer circle that houses their name and goals.I used a palm leaf to break up the two sections of text. The icon in their logo is an abstract icon of a palm tree, so I felt that this would add class but would still relate to the brand.

The seal was recieved wonderfully, and the president of the school continues to reference it when talking about the designs of new projects.