The Colleges of Law
Program One Sheet Flyers

The Colleges of Law Program One Sheet Mockup

To go along with their 2022 rebrand, The Colleges of Law needed updated program one sheets to hand out to prospective students.

Mockup of the Front and Back of the first COL Program One Sheet.

To match the more modern rebrand, I kept the background white, with Museo Sans as the main font. The sans serif keeps the modern look flowing throughout the piece. The brand colors are used sparingly, just in the headers, footers, and headlines, to make sure the piece is branded without overwhelming the viewer with color.

The design of this piece uses leaves of a tree to connect the main image of the girl to the rest of the spreads. INSIGHT's color palette uses darker muted tones, so having a light olive green overlay helps blend the design into the rest of the magazine's color palette. A blue is used throughout to convey the feeling of safety, and is used in the sidebars to separate them from the features.

Mockup of the front of the second COL Program One Sheet flyers.

The images chosen showed younger students interacting within classrooms, or working online. Because the college has programs both on campus and online, I wanted all prospective students to feel welcome.

Mockup of the front of the third COL One Sheet Program Flyers