The Chicago School Anaheim and
Washington D.C. Outdoor Creative

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Anaheim and Washington DC Outdoor Creative

In 2022, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) launched a mini-campaign in Anaheim, CA and Washington D.C. to raise awareness for the campuses in those locations. For Anaheim, we created billboards and bus shelters, while in Washington D.C., we created liveboards and a floor display.

This mini-campaign was an evolution of the "More Than" campaign that TCSPP has run in the past couple of years (designed by Julia Schweers). While the institution is currently in the process of phasing that campaign out, they loved the color palette used. For these designs, I pulled their brand color palette and the "More Than" pallete together, creating an elevated version of their brand design.

Below are the designs from both cities.