Pacific Oaks
Logo Refresh

Pacific Oaks Logo Refresh Mockup

With over 75 years of being an institution under their belt, Pacific Oaks has brand recognition through their logo that they want to keep. With this project, I juggled the brand recognition they have with an more modern take on their logo.

The brand color and fonts remained the same, so I focused mainly on using these fonts to align Pacific Oaks with long-lasting design trends.

Old Pacific Oaks Logo

Their previous logo used a non-brand font with a larger, more horizontally scaled tree. This logo was a little difficult to use on collateral, as the font being so small compared to the tree made it difficult to be legible at small sizes.

Refreshed Pacific Oaks College Logo

To solve these issues, I rounded out the tree while keeping the integrity of the design the same. I also used Prelo Slab, their primary font, for the name of the institution. The subheading (College, Children's School, or College and Children's School) is their secondary font, Avenir.

The rounding of the tree created a more modern feel to this important piece in Pacific Oaks branding. I downsized the tree to make the wordmark more legible at smaller sizes, but kept it a little larger than the text to speak to their core messaging - community. The use of Prelo Slab connected more of their branding to the logo, and the switch from the Pacific Oaks orange in the entire wordmark to a mix of the green and orange showed more of their main brand color.

Refreshed Pacific Oaks College Logos in a Grid Mockup

I continued this treatment for the Pacific Oaks Children's School and Pacific Oaks College & Children's School logos. I also created a vertical logo for the main and sister logos to be used in square or vertical pieces, such as pull-up banners or social media posts.

Refreshed Pacific Oaks College Seal

The Pacific Oaks College seal was already designed, but I updated the colors to completely match the refreshed logo, and added the word "Justice" in the bottom half of the text.