College of Nursing
and Advanced
Health Professions
Scholarship Brochure

College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Scholarship Brochure

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) and the Dallas Nursing Institute merged within the past couple of years to create TCSPP's College of Nursing and Advanced Health Professions (CONAHP). As they have grown, CONAHP has been training wonderful healthcare professionals, and have provided opportunities for nursing students, including scholarships.

This piece utilizes CONAHP's branding to describe the scholarship opportunities that are available at this campus.

Front of CONAHP Scholarship Brochure

On the outside of the brochure, I focused on branding. As a marketing team, we wanted to make sure this was recognizable as CONAHP branded, so the cover of the brochure was extremely important. For CONAHP, we focus heavily on nursing imagery, so we chose a photo of a nurse helping a patient, and made sure the content focused on the scholarships listed inside. The left outside flap focused on more content about the scholarship, and used minimalist design to make sure the focus was on the content. We used the back of the brochure for CONAHP's contact information so it was easily accessbile to the reader.

Inside of the CONAHP Scholarship Brochure

The inside of the brochure focused on what scholarships are available and how to qualify for them. The left panel focuses on how to qualify for scholarships, general information about the programs offered, and the "RN-BSN Heroes of Nursing Scholarship". While this panel's information is important, I wanted to keep the design simple so the focus would immediately be on the middle and right panels. Those two panels focus on the other two scholarships that are available. To draw the focus to these panels, I used a nursing image with a CONAHP teal overlay. This made the inside of the brochure match the outside, while bringing attention to these two scholarships.